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Thanks for choosing Roulette 77. This is an online site where avid players from all over the world can know everything about online roulette. We also offer the gamblers expert advice on anything and everything they need to know about this popular casino game. This multi-language site has a good line-up of some of the top demo games from leading and popular casino software developers. We have done the hard work of finding out the best casino offers for the roulette players looking to play with real money. Apart from this, our site carries all the guides, tips, strategies, and rules about this wonderful game.

We want to be different from the other online roulette sites and hence intend on popularizing the responsible roulette culture all over the globe. This is what makes a different player in this field. We are online for this very purpose and extend our services in 196 countries and over 80 different languages. Our team is knowledgeable and trained to offer quality gaming services and entertainment options to even the remote corners of the Earth.

We have a solid team of trained and professional gaming industry experts to guide you and offer you the best of roulette. Our real gaming specialists and experts have plenty of experience in carrying out successful projects with and for the leading casino brands. We live, breathe for roulette and it is our passion and inspiration. We play the game and enlighten us so that we can create stuff that would be a great help to our customers.

Our Team

Andrew Shepard
Andrew Shepard Editor-in-chief

Andrew has 5 years of roulette playing experience. He has been involved in the online gambling vocation for 10 years. When the newbie or the experienced roulette players are looking for advice, he gives them what they want. Andrew resides in Malta presently and shares his roulette knowledge from there. Get in touch with him for any business or general inquiries.

Anna Talanska
Anna Talanska Business development

Anna has almost 15 years of experience in the casino business. She has taken part in many iGaming conferences worldwide. She is a masterstroke maker when it comes to using the secret multi-system strategy to reap huge profits on the roulette table. Anna is in charge of the real money roulette offers and promotions jotted down on this site. She is fully aware of all the online gambling regulations set forth in many countries. Hence, you can trust all the recommendations listed here.

Chris Mwangi
Chris Mwangi Head of copywriting

He is the one responsible for all the theoretical details that you read on our website. He has loads and loads of experience in both the land-based and online roulette tables. Chris started playing roulette at the age of 18. He is the right person to educate the rules of the game to the novice players. He has the uncanny knack of surprising the experienced roulette players with his game knowledge. Chris has a huge lineup of international copywriters to lead and carries on with his mission of making roulette education and responsible roulette gaming fun.

Our features

  • Custom tactics for each country. We pay attention to the custom regional gaming regulations and financial features of different countries. So the player can be sure that the information is actual and relevant for him. Hence, visitors from over 196 countries can feel at home when they visit our site.
  • Top-rated games. Our roulette games database undergoes regular updates. We offer the best roulette titles from leading software providers and most of them are suited for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Trademark Roulette77 game. We have developed our own European and American variations of roulette games, which is rarely seen from our competitors.
  • Genuine casino references. We are the best website to find out the best casino offers for playing roulette with real money. We have listed these sites to meet your region preferences and needs after thorough testing.
  • Great theoretical backing. No matter if you are a seasoned player or a newbie, we have tailor-made our roulette advice, tips, rules, and strategies for easy understanding.