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Thanks for choosing Roulette 77. This is an online site where avid players from all over the world can know everything about online roulette. We also offer the gamblers expert advice on anything and everything they need to know about this popular casino game. This multi-language site has a good line-up of some of the top demo games from leading and popular casino software developers. We have done the hard work of finding out the best casino offers for the roulette players looking to play with real money. Apart from this, our site carries all the guides, tips, strategies, and rules about this wonderful game.

We want to be different from the other online roulette sites and hence intend on popularizing the responsible roulette culture all over the globe. This is what makes a different player in this field. We are online for this very purpose and extend our services in 196 countries and over 80 different languages. Our team is knowledgeable and trained to offer quality gaming services and entertainment options to even the remote corners of the Earth.

We have a solid team of trained and professional gaming industry experts to guide you and offer you the best of roulette. Our real gaming specialists and experts have plenty of experience in carrying out successful projects with and for the leading casino brands. We live, breathe for roulette and it is our passion and inspiration. We play the game and enlighten us so that we can create stuff that would be a great help to our customers.

Our Features

  • We are a global network serving in 196 countries

    Roulette77 offers its services in 196 countries, not just the United States. Our network has a different site for almost every country out there and we support more than 80 languages. While preparing our content, we also take into account regional and cultural differences, so every country gets its own exclusive content.

  • Our game collection contains 100+ popular roulette games

    We offer all our visitors more than 100 roulette games and the chance to play all variants of this traditional table game. Our game collection has been meticulously selected from a portfolio of top-tier developers in the iGaming industry. We also have our own roulette games.

  • We tested more than 100 online roulette casinos so far

    We test online casinos and select the best ones to help players who want to play roulette for real. To date, we have tested hundreds of casinos and made different selections for each country. Because we know that the expectations of US players and, for example, UK players are not the same. When choosing casinos, we pay attention to many different things such as legality, security, bonuses, payment methods, as well as regional needs.

  • We have more than 50k satisfied players every month

    Our top priority is to satisfy all roulette players. We present our content in different ways: for example, we organize roulette challenges or answer personal questions about the game via the “Roulette Wizard” feature, so that they can get the best possible experience. Thanks to our original and innovative content, we get steady traffic on our site.

Our Mission

  • Spread responsible roulette culture worldwide

  • Provide ultimate roulette entertainment

  • Being a gateway to safe roulette casinos

  • Educate and give an advice on playing roulette

Our Team

  • Andrew Shepard Head of product Read More
  • Anna Talanska Business development Read More
  • Chris Mwangi Head of content department Read More

Our product

Our product

Great ideas are born out of team effort and this is precisely what Andrew Shepard and his team did in 2017 when they decided to come up with a proprietor version of a roulette game. Today, the Roulette77 game is an example of a comfortable and old-school one which is easy to understand. For the moment there have been some 800,000 users coming to play-test Andrew's game, and these numbers are growing at a rapid pace.

But here's a question for you: what makes Roulette77 such a fantastic game to try? As it turns out, everything about the game is designed to make the experience every bit as enjoyable as you want it to be! The game runs on any device, requires very little in the way of computing power, and is available to players from all over the place.

To make things even better, in 2020 Andrew and his team are stepping up their efforts to provide you with the best possible experience. They launched an odds calculator based on Roulette77 game interface. Future plans include the launch of a mobile app with games. Also, they are working on a special payout calculator available for desktop as well as mobile devices!

Which Casinos We List


Tested by us and players

We make sure to list the best roulette casinos out there. To determine the best brands, we register and play all roulette games ourselves, but also check for the bonuses terms and conditions and if a verifiable license applies. We factor consumer feedback as well as reviews submitted on and by Trust Pilot, AskGamblers, and other and other reliable iGaming authorities.


Roulette Games That Run Smoothly

We are big roulette enthusiasts ourselves and we will go the extra mile to check if all roulette games work as intended. This means analyzing the Random Number Generator (RNG) and confirming that each spin of the wheel will smoothly produce an independent outcome to the player's benefit without any bugs.


Responsible Gambling Measures in Place

Roulette77's team makes sure that any casino recommended has viable responsible gambling safety measures to help consumers play reasonably and not to overspend. Self-control and self-exclusion tools are an important step of the experience, allowing consumers to control deposit amounts, loss limits, and time session duration.


Great User Interface and Experience

We put ourselves in the consumer's shoes and check a casino's platform for functionality and usability. The team usually checks them from both mobile and desktop devices to make sure everything is in order and if both versions are easy to navigate.


Brilliant Customer Support

We make sure to check whether the customer support team is knowledgeable about the casino and roulette product before recommending a casino. Also, we pay attention to their reactivity because customers in trouble shouldn’t wait for help.


Data Must Remain Safe

Consumers should always feel comfortable sharing their information with a roulette website, that is why we always test and make sure that a casino that we list is capable of keeping your private information.


Roulette Bonuses to Enjoy

Roulette bonuses are an absolute must of any casino experience. Our team will check through and make sure that you have access to both exclusive and more permanent bonuses that will boost your roulette experience further along. We check everything about a bonus, including the terms and conditions to make sure you are in for a good ride.

Work with us

Whether you are a player trying to get better at roulette or a business owner, we invite you to get in touch with us. We are ready to cooperate on anything related to roulette: you can use the email below to contact us.

But remember that our collaboration won't affect our content: we don't sell our reviews for money, and we don't compromise on objective content. We are also not interested in purchasing links or similar services: please do not contact us for these purposes.

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