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Street Bet in Roulette

Last updated: 01.14.2023 by Andrew Shepard
Odds for 0 version 8.1%
Odds for 00 version 7.9%
Payout 1:11
Expected value ($1) -0.8181

A street bet in roulette is a lot like a split bet. The main difference is that a street bet covers three numbers instead of two. As such, each street bet has an 8.1% chance of winning, and the payout ratio is 11 to 1. We should quickly point out that street bets can include the zero. For example, you can cover 0, 2, and 3, as shown in the illustration below.

Street Bet in Roulette

Investigating street bet

We will now run a simulation in the same way we test every other bet type. We’ll use Google Sheets and a random number generator to see how effective street bets are. We will take four players and give them $1,000 each to place a single street bet with each round. Player 1 will stake $1 each spin, Player 2 will bet $2, Player 3 will bet $3, and Player 4 will bet $5 per round. We will have them play 1,000 turns. The basis of the mathematical model is the probability of the outcome of each round - winning 8.1% and losing 91.9%, as well as the calculation of payouts and the bankroll state depending on each round's outcome. We have posted the results in the graph below.

Street Bet in Roulette test

The results are more or less what we expected. We can see that Player 1 and Player 2’s bankrolls were pretty stable throughout. While they both took losses, they were minimal. On the flip side, because players 3 and 4 were placing bigger bets, their bankrolls saw the biggest fluctuations. In general, we see that sticking with street bets over the long term has negative expectations. At the same time, we can also see that street bets can be profitable over the short term.

Tips and Strategies for Street Bets

As you may have guessed, street bets can be used in a wide range of situations. Let’s go over a few ways we can implement them.

9 Street System

We came across an interesting video posted on the GED Dealer School’s YouTube Channel. They did not mention what this particular system was called, so we will call it the 9-street system. Here’s a brief explanation:

  • We start by placing a 1-unit wager on 10 separate street bets.
  • If we win, we only place 9 street bets in the next round.
  • If we lose, we stay at 10 street bets on the next round.
  • Never wager on the last winning street.
9 Street System

If you are wondering about the odds, your chances of winning with 9 street bets in European roulette stands at about 73%. Each win will produce a profit of 3 units. If you want to add to the dynamics, you could always employ the Martingale or other betting system. Just remember that doing so carries a lot more risk. Like any other roulette wager, sticking to the 9 street system over the long haul will inevitably put you in the red. Street bets are better suited to short-term plans.

6 Street System

Never underestimate YouTube as a source of roulette strategies. While visiting the site, we came across a channel called Man’s Life Roulette which introduced us to the 6 street system. The basic premise is as follows:

  • We place 5 random street bets as well as a bet on 0, 1, 2, 3.
  • If we lose, we increase our stake amount by 1 unit. If we win, we decrease our stake by 1 unit and follow the d’Alembert system, which we have explained in another guide.

Now for a bit of math. Our chances of winning using this system is 51.35% for European roulette. Each winning round will make us 6 units richer or 6 units less poor, depending on how you want to look at it. If the 0, 1, 2, or 3 comes in, then we break even on the round. We really like this strategy because you only need one win to make up for one loss.

6 Street System


As we’ve seen, there are several different ways to make street bets a part of your roulette experience. You can bet them exclusively or use them as part of a larger strategy. They aren’t complicated at all. A lot of players like to place smaller bets on streets while also staking larger amounts on outside bets. While we suggested a couple of options for using street bets, we urge you to modify them and come up with your own systems.

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