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Guide to Inside Roulette Bets

Last updated: 10.16.2023 by Andrew Shepard

The “inside” section of the roulette table consists of bets that pay more but offer fewer chances of winning. Their payouts can be as low as 5:1, but you can also win as high as 35:1. They have a lower odds range compared to outside bets (16.20% - 2.70%), but it is possible to ignore this thanks to their satisfactory payouts. Here, we will list all the inside bets in the different variants of roulette with examples and talk about some strategies based on them.

Bet Payout Odds (single zero) Odds (double zero)
Straight up 35:1 2,70% 2,60%
Split 17:1 5,40% 5,30%
Street 11:1 8,10% 7,90%
Corner 8:1 10,80% 10,50%
Basket 6:1 - 13.20%
Six Line 5:1 16,20% 15,80%

Description of inside bets

There are a total of 5 inside bets in single zero variants of roulette. In double zero variants, there is an additional option called “basket”. Inside bets for European and French roulette are:

  • Straight Up: This is the bet with the highest payout in all variants of roulette. You bet on only one number (can be any number on the table). If you win, the payout will be 35:1. Chance of winning is 2.60% (double zero roulette) – 2.70% (single zero roulette).
  • Split: This bet covers two numbers and is placed by putting a chip on the line separating these numbers. For example, 8 and 11 are next to each other on the table: if you place a chip on the line between the two, you will bet on both 8 and 11. It pays 17:1 and the chance of winning is 5.30% (double zero roulette) - 5.40% (single zero roulette).
  • Street: You can bet on all numbers (3 in total) in a row by placing a chip on the edge of that row. For example, 22, 23, and 24 are on the same row, so they can all be bet on at the same time. The payout is 11:1 and the chance of winning is 7.90% (double zero roulette) - 8.10% (single zero roulette).
  • Corner: This bet is also known as square, box, or quarter. It allows you to bet on all four numbers in a 2x2 square area. You can do this by placing your chips on the position where these numbers meet. It pays 8:1 and the chances of winning are 10.50% (double zero roulette) - 10.80% (single zero roulette).
  • Six Line: Also known as “avenue”. It is a bet placed on all numbers (6 total) in two adjoining rows, for example, 7-8-9 (first row) and 10-11-12 (second row). It pays 5:1 and the chance of winning is 15.80% (double zero roulette) - 16.20% (single zero roulette).

The basket bet in American roulette is also an inside bet. It covers 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 (5 in total) and pays 6:1. The chance of winning is 13.20%.

Inside bets strategies

There are many strategies based on inside bets, and some of them are designed to increase your chances of winning as much as possible. There are also positive & negative progression systems that aim to use your bankroll more efficiently. Below you can see some examples of these.

9 Street System

This is a fairly new system and attempts to increase your chances of winning through a series of street bets. Simply, it works like this:

  • Place 10 different street bets worth 1 unit each.
  • If you win, continue with 9 street bets (without changing the wager amount) in the next round.
  • If you lose, you must continue by placing 10 different street bets, but do not pick the winning street in that round.
9 Street System

This system allows you to get approximately a 73% chance of winning on each spin in single-zero variants. Each win will increase your bankroll by 3 units. However, it is a strategy that focuses on short-term gains, and you must stop playing as soon as you make a profit.

9 Split System

This is a strategy similar to the one above but with some unique differences. (It can be said that it has a cycle that resembles the d'Alembert system.) It works like this:

  • Place 9 different split bets worth 1 unit each. But make sure that each of these bets covers numbers of the same colour.
  • If you lose, repeat the same bets, increasing the wager amount by 1x – until you win.
  • If you win, go back to the beginning and continue with 1-unit wagers.
9 Split System

This strategy allows you to bet a total of 18 numbers on each spin, increasing the chance of winning to 48.60%. Each win will allow you to increase your bankroll by 9 units. It's a short-term system just like 9 Street but can be more volatile: make sure you have a sufficiently large bankroll.

11 Number System

This system is based on straight-up bets and requires placing a total of 11 bets on each spin. Each of these is a straight bet, but they must be placed in a specific order. The first bet must be on the last winning number, the others must be on the 10 numbers surrounding it.

  • For example, let's say the last winning number is 15.
  • Start by placing a straight-up bet worth 1 unit for 15.
  • Place a straight-up bet worth 1 unit on the following numbers surrounding 15: 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25.
11 Number System

That's all: since you cover a total of 11 numbers, the chance of winning (in single zero variants) will be 28.72%. The winning bet will pay out 35:1, so the payout potential is high. However, the probability of losing is over 70%, so the overall chance of winning is still quite low.


Inside bets are suitable for players who have a more aggressive play style and are not afraid to take risks. They should mostly be preferred by gamblers with medium and above-sized bankrolls. This is because as the odds are lower, it will take longer to win, and your bankroll needs to be large enough to last you until that happens. In any case, even if you are a high roller, we recommend that you try different combinations of inside bets, as this way you can increase your chances of winning. For example, using a combination of straight, split, and street bets will offer both above-average odds and satisfactory payouts.

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