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Guide to Outside Roulette Bets

Last updated: 10.16.2023 by Andrew Shepard

Although they offer a wide variety, it is possible to divide roulette bets into two basic categories: inside and outside. This distinction is traditionally made according to the placement of the numbers covered by these bets on the table, but they also differ according to the payouts and chances of winning. In this context, outside bets can be defined as types of bets that pay less but offer a higher chance of winning. Below, you can find a complete list of outside bets and basic strategies to use them more efficiently.

Bet Payout Odds (single zero) Odds (double zero)
Column 2:1 32,40% 31,60%
Dozen 2:1 32,40% 31,60%
Red/Black 1:1 48,60% 47,40%
High/Low 1:1 48,60% 47,40%
Even/Odd 1:1 48,60% 47,40%

Description of outside bets

There are 5 outside bets in total, and they all cover either 12 or 18 numbers. In all variants of roulette, these bets consist of the following:

  • Column: The roulette table has three horizontal stripes, and each strip contains 12 numbers. They are called “columns”. When you bet on a column, you are trying your luck on a total of 12 numbers, excluding 0 (and 00). The payout is 2:1 and the chances of winning are 31.60% (double zero roulette) - 32.40% (single zero roulette).
  • Dozen: At the bottom of the roulette table, you can see three options: “1st 12”, “2nd 12” and “3rd 12”. Each contains 12 numbers (except 0 and 00) within a 4x4 area. The payout and chances of winning are the same as Column. So, 2:1 payout and 31.60% (double zero roulette) - 32.40% (single zero roulette).
  • Red/Black: On the roulette wheel, half of the numbers (except 0 and 00) are red, and the other half are black. You can bet on either half. For example, betting on red means that you are betting on all numbers in red colour (18 in total). This bet pays 1:1 and the chance of winning is 47.37% (double zero roulette) - 48.65% (single zero roulette).
  • Low/High: Low is a bet covering all 18 numbers (1-18) on the “low half” of the table. High includes the numbers in the “high half” (19-36). Since both options contain a total of 18 numbers, just like Red/Black, they pay 1:1 and offer the following winning chances: 47.37% (double zero roulette) - 48.65% (single zero roulette).
  • Odd/Even: You can find these options in the lower left and right corners of the roulette table. With “Odd”, you place a bet covering all odd numbers on the wheel (18 in total). “Even” includes all even numbers (also 18 in total). The payout is 1:1 and the chances of winning are 47.37% (double zero roulette) - 48.65% (single zero roulette).
Outside bets

Outside bets strategies

Some roulette strategies are based on outside bets. They either try to increase your chances of winning or help you manage your bankroll more efficiently. The outside betting strategies we have listed below can suit different playing styles and budgets: we recommend that you examine them all and choose the one that suits you best.

64% roulette system

This strategy, as the name suggests, is designed to give you a 64% chance of winning on every spin. It is a progressive system and requires placing a series of bets. You start by placing 1 unit on two dozen bets and increase the wager by 3 times after each loss. For example:

  • Place 1 chip on two dozen bets (i.e., 1st 12 and 2nd 12).
  • If you lose, continue by increasing the wager by 3 times. So, 3 chips, 9 chips, 27 chips, etc.
  • When you win, go back to the beginning, and start the cycle again with a wager of 1 chip.
64% roulette system

Placing two dozen bets will allow you to cover 24 numbers on each spin. Considering there are 37 numbers on the wheel, this means you have a 64.8% chance of winning and a 35.2% chance of losing. This strategy is similar to the Martingale but can be riskier in case of consecutive losses.

Contra bet

This strategy focuses on even bets that pay 1:1 and resembles Martingale in many ways. It is a progressive system, and it is recommended that you set the initial wager amount to be 1% of your bankroll. In case of win, you increase the wager by 1x, and in case of loss, you decrease it by the initial wager value. For example:

  • Let's assume you start playing with 5 units and win. On the next spin, the wager should be 10 units (5 x 1 = 5, 5 + 5 = 10)
  • If you lose, you must subtract the initial wager value (5 units) from the current wager. So, if you are playing with 10 units and lose, you go back to 5 units (10 – 5).

This strategy does not cause sudden and radical drops in your bankroll, but you should stop playing as soon as you make a profit. Because in the long run, the result will almost always be negative. In other words, it is based on the principle of “cashing out early”.

Tier et tout

This is a strategy created by a gambler named Thomas Garcia and is based on even money bets. It requires the bankroll to be an amount divisible by 3 at any given time. To get started, you need to divide your bankroll into three equal parts. For example, let's say you have a bankroll of 90 units: you must divide it into three parts of 30 units each.

  • Start by making a “red” bet of 30 units.
  • If you win, the payout will be 30 units. You now have a bankroll of 120 units (90 + 30). This is also divisible by three, so divide it into three parts of 40 units each and bet 40 units on red on the next spin.
  • If you lose, repeat the same bet using all remaining parts of your bankroll.

This is a strategy designed for short-term gains, not long-term. Losing twice in a row will cause you to lose your entire bankroll. Therefore, you must stop playing as soon as you make a profit.


Outside bets are a good choice for beginners, casual players, and those who do not like to take too much risk. By simply placing even money bets, you can get a 47.37% or 48.65% chance of winning on each spin: for most players, this will be enough as a stand-alone strategy. You can get more variety with the strategy examples we shared above, but keep in mind that they are not mandatory: you can just place red/black, odd/even, or low/high bets and get the best possible winning chance in roulette.

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