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Understanding Roulette Payouts

Last updated: 01.05.2024 by Chris Mwangi

Did you know? Roulette bets actually have different payouts. Each is unique and fixed based on the version of the game you play. There aren’t too many differences between these payout rates, but having a roulette calculator handy that can sort out the math for you is always good. Here are a few examples of what a payout looks like applied to different types of bets:

  • In European Roulette, a straight bet gives you a 2.70% chance of winning or odds of approximately 35:1
  • A red/black bet pays 1:1 but its chance to award you in European Roulette is 48.60%, which is pretty good

In the following lines, you will find information about how this works and how you can benefit from understanding how such payouts work.

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How Are Roulette Payouts Calculated?

It’s actually not that difficult. In roulette, the formula of X:1 is used to define what a roulette bet payout is. The formula basically tells you that “1” is the player bet whereas “X” is the payout of the specific type of bet. If you want to get a clearer picture of how this works, just consider these examples:

  • 17:1 essentially means that the player gets 17 units for each 1 unit they wager. So, if you bet $10 then the payout stands to be $170. Why? Because 10x17 is 170. It really is that simple. Plus, you get the $10 you wagered, so your total win is actually $180.
  • 1:1 means that the player receives 1 unit for each 1 unit wagered. So, if you bet $100, you can expect to win $100 or 100x1. The total winning amount is then $200 because you factor in your win and the amount you have risked.

To recap, the formula is very simple. The left figure tells you how many times your bet will be multiplied. So, if you have 8:1 as the payout of your current wager, then you multiple your stake by 8 to find out what the potential payout stands to be.

Bet Payout ratio
Straight up 35:1
Split 17:1
Street 11:1
Corner 8:1
Basket 6:1
Six Line 5:1
Column 2:1
Dozen 2:1
Even/Odd 1:1
Red/Black 1:1
High/Low 1:1

Payout = Stake amount * Payout ratio + Stake amount

roulette bets

You also need to know that the payout will be equal to all your winnings bets. So, if you have 2:1 and 35:1 and both win, you will get the payout sum for both of these wagers.

Payouts = Payout1 + Payout2 + .. + Payoutn

Payout1-payoutn are winnings of separate bets

  • Your bet is 100 on red and 5 on corner (4,5,7,8)
  • Your winning number is 5, so both of your bets won
  • Your payout = 100*1+100 + 5*8+5 = 245
example roulette bets

Roulette Calculator to Make It Simpler

But why do this yourself if there are already easy solutions that will make your life so much easier? For example, we have a ready calculator that will help you go through all of these calculations by simply clicking a button. Simply enter the values and go!


What are the payouts for the zero and double zero?

Both bets will be paid to 35:1 because it’s just the way how straight bets work. So, if you end up placing 5 units, just multiply by 35 for a total of $175.

How to calculate payouts for roulette yourself?

Just amount the value you have bet by the payout value of the bet. In other words, a 5:1 payout value means that you multiply your units bet by 5.

Are the payouts for American and European roulette identical?

Pretty much. All straight bets are calculated as 35:1. The only difference is the American basket bet which has a payout of 6:1.

What type of bets has the highest payouts?

Okay, so the highest payouts come for the bets that have the lowest chance of winning or straight (35:1), split (17:1), street (11:1), corner (8:1) and finally line (5:1).

Is there a limit on roulette payouts?

Not in theory, but most casinos will place a maximum bet which is pretty standard and normal in the industry.

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