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Best Roulette Strategies Overview & Tests

The number of people looking for roulette strategies online in the United States alone has hit 35,000, according to the latest data search trends by Google. This means that people are effectively trying to find professional methods to beat the game and ensure they have the upper hand. Yes, there is indeed a vast amount of information about roulette strategies on the Internet. Still, the reason for this is that Internet resources basically rewrite information from each other and make false and unfounded conclusions, which can lead the player astray. But is there one particular strategy that can help you win it all?

The answer is more complicated. At Roulette77, we do know what to expect when picking a roulette strategy and why one pattern may actually be way more efficient than another. Our team has play tested some of the most popular variants extensively to provide you with that upper hand that you will wish to have in your gameplay and make sure you are really on top of your gaming sessions.

We analyze popular roulette strategies in-depth to ensure that your understanding of the different stratagems is sound and efficient, guiding you to the next winning combination.

Best Roulette Strategies Overview & Tests
Last updated: 01.09.2024 by Chris Mwangi

Play smart with our strategies. Turn knowledge into winnings!

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Roulette Systems Tests

The best way to know if a roulette system actually works is to put it to a careful test. We have been pleased to test dozens of viable strategies that are welcomed as mathematically-sound and efficient ways to play. While you can only learn one strategy and stick with it, having access to more patterns will allow you to rotate them and throw the casinos off the scent.

But before you do that, you have to make sure that you are actually playing with a strategy that you can trust in the long term. This is where we come in. We ensure that all strategies produce statistically-relevant results that help you be on your best game and achieve the best synergies and efficiencies.

That is why we tested each strategy. To sample some strategies, we used a demo game. For others - a random number generator with a simulation of programmed moves that exactly repeats the roulette mathematical model. Since one game will not be enough for the precision of the results, we have made thousands of roulette wheel spins to provide reliable information about each strategy or system.

It is worth explaining the difference between the system and the strategy of playing roulette. A game system is a specific pattern of game behavior that works in particular conditions. At the same time, a strategy is a more complex and long-term solution that allows you to make adjustments in a long-term game scenario. A strategy can contain systems. Let’s take a look at some of the available strategies and systems now.

  • Martingale Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 1


    Martingale is the simplest strategy you will ever experience. Essentially, in this strategy, you want to double down on a loss so that you can recuperate it. Once you do, you return to a basic betting unit and continue betting with the basic unit until you lose – then you double.

    About Martingale system
  • Reverse Martingale Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 2

    Reverse Martingale

    Reverse is the opposite of the classic Martingale. Here, you will double after every win. You double until you score a loss. When you lose, you will return to the basic unit and keep on betting the basic unit until you win – then you double. It’s simple as that.

    About Reverse Martingale system
  • Grand Martingale Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 3

    Grand Martingale

    In this method, you will bet the same amount until you lose. When you do lose, you then double your wager and add one unit on top of it. This way, you seek to recover the bet you have lost but also score a bit of profit along the way. It’s another version of the Martingale system.

    About Grand Martingale system
  • D'alembert Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 4


    D’alembert is another floating roulette tactic used by professional players. Here, you will add one unit after a loss, and you will decrease your bet size by one unit after you manage to win a wager. You keep doing this for as long as you wish to keep playing.

    About D'alembert system
  • Labouchere Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 5


    Labouchere tells you to take a sum that you want to lose and break it down into multiple small bets. If you win a bet from the sequence. If you lose the bet, you add that bet to the right side of the sequence and keep playing.

    About Labouchere system
  • Fibonacci Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 6


    Fibonacci is a system that is bound to a sequence of universal numbers. All you do is move up or down this system’s numbers and adjust your bets accordingly depending on whether you win or lose. The next number in the sequence is the sum total of the previous two numbers.

    About Fibonacci system
  • Romanowsky Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 7


    Romanowsky will break the standard gambling patterns and have you bet on two dozen and two corner bets. This gives you around an 86.5% chance of success and a 13.5% chance of losing. It’s considered to be a relatively sound system that can help you adjust on your feet and pursue better strategies.

    About Romanowsky system
  • 666 System Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 8

    666 System

    The 666 System is considered an aggressive strategy but one that is fairly safe as well as gives you a good statistical probability of scoring a victory. In this strategy, you will bet on every number except for the four. A payout of 35:1 on a straight bet is more than enough to help you make up for a loss with this system, and it definitely works.

    About 666 system
  • 36 Strategy Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 9

    36 Strategy

    This strategy revolves around the idea that the number 36 has a good chance of winning. Therefore, you can place any bet type that involves betting on high/low, even/odd, or red/black in order to ensure that besides 36, you are also covering other wagers.

    About 36 Strategy
  • Oscar Grind Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 10

    Oscar Grind

    In this strategy, you start by betting one unit. You will increase by one unit for every win you score. If you lose, you will default to the base one unit, but add one unit to it, so you are now playing with two units as your basic unit.

    About Oscar Grind system
  • Fisher Strategy Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 1

    Fisher Strategy

    The fisher strategy asks you to simply place four wagers and see how many wins and losses you got. If you lose all four, you use the amount of the first three wagers to make another bet – you bet only on even/odds numbers.

    About Fisher Strategy
  • Contra Bet Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 2

    Contra Bet

    Contra Bet is also known as Contra D’Alembert, and the strategy asks you to bet on even chance bets, that is, wagers that pay 1:1. Every time you win, you add one unit to the amount of the next spin. For every loss, you will subtract one unit but never go lower than one unit as your base bet.

    About Contra Bet system
  • 4567 Strategy Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 3

    4567 Strategy

    The 4567 is praised as one of the most efficient ones out there. Players have a 63% chance of winning, and what they need to do is make bets and double them using the 4567 sequences after a loss.

    About 4567 Strategy
  • $150 System Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 4

    $150 System

    This one is intended for people with looser wallets. You bet $50 on dozens of columns. Then you bet on the second dozens or columns. Then, you bet $5 on any of the remaining 12 numbers. This is it.

    About $150 System
  • 24 + 8 System Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 5

    24 + 8 System

    In this strategy, you are said to have a 90% chance of winning. You place bets on the 1st and 3rd dozen bets. Then you place 10 one-unit bets on any ten numbers that are left in the 2nd dozen column. This is it. You spin the wheel and hope for a good outcome.

    About 24 + 8 System
  • 64% Strategy Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 6

    64% Strategy

    The system simply means that you have a 64% chance to win, and it’s generally considered a good strategy. Here you bet on European Roulette (single zero) and choose one of the three dozen bets available. This gives you a 64% probability of success.

    About 64% Strategy
  • Hollandish System Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 7

    Hollandish System

    This is a negative progressive strategy, so what this means is that, just like in Martingale, your bets will increase if you end up scoring a loss. If you win, then the bets will just default to the basic unit you have selected at the beginning of the game.

    About Hollandish System
  • Tier et Tout System Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 8

    Tier et Tout System

    Tier et Tout is an exciting system of managing your funds rather than an actual game plan – you can use another strategy to apply it. Essentially, you take a bet amount and first bet 1/3 of it. Then you bet 2/3 of it if you lose. If you win, you increase the betting amount.

    About Tier et Tout System
  • Masse Egale System Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 9

    Masse Egale System

    This strategy is perhaps one of the simplest ones you will ever place. The idea here is to never change your bets in any way – this means that your basic unit of betting will repeat itself endlessly until you decide to withdraw from the game or go to another table.

    About Masse Egale System
  • Shotwell Strategy Strategy
    Roulette77 Strategy 10

    Shotwell Strategy

    This is a very new strategy that has been around since the 1970s. In it, players will have two sets of bets to use at their disposal – the six-line and four straight-up numbers. So you will cover 10 numbers in total. This is a riskier strategy but one that is mathematically justified.

    About Shotwell Strategy
Strategy types

Caution Players

While a strategy can feel quickly empowering, it’s important to keep in mind that no scheme or tactics will give you a 100% chance of winning. The house edge is there for a reason, and in the long-term, the casino is always set to win – or so they say. But scoring nine losses on a roulette wheel in a row is indeed very hard and long odds. However, these strategies are still excellent guidance as to how you should approach the roulette hobby and what to expect. Remember that by using a stratagem, you are statistically way more likely to end up winning in short to mid-term. But for this, it is worth understanding what goal you set for yourself, understanding your initial bankroll data, for example. And depending on this, choose the most balanced method that, with a certain probability, could bring you closer to the goal.

Dr. Edward O. Thorp

Dr. Edward O. Thorp, American mathematics professor, inventor, gambler, author of the books "The Mathematics of Gambling", "Beat the Dealer", etc. who actually built a prediction machine for roulette once mentioned that:

You couldn't beat any of the major gambling games because if you could beat them they would have changed the rules or they would have gone out of business

Share your strategy and submit to our review

Tell us about your unique method that we haven't covered. We will test your strategy and make a review on it

Strategies by Types of Bets

We understand that players may have specific preferences, and this is why we want to always be of help and assist you. Therefore, we have put a list of methods that will work in relation to specific bets. You can, therefore, quickly navigate to those options that suit your playstyle best.

What to Consider When Picking a Strategy

Of course, picking a roulette strategy is often a deeply personal thing. But there may be practical and objective factors to also consider before you move on with a strategy. That is why we wanted to present you with several things to consider when choosing your preferred gambling strategy.

  • Expected value and volatility

    It is essential to have a clear idea of what the expected value in a casino is always negative, which means that in the long run, the longer you play, the more likely you are to lose. That is why it is essential to consider these factors when choosing a strategy for the game. Some strategies are more straightforward than others, and you have to account for your chances of losing a wager. Some strategies give you 63% or even more chance of winning or so claim, but sticking with Martingale is often an option that many new players consider first.

  • Table and betting limits

    Remember that Martingale relies on you doubling down after a loss? Well, you want to play at tables with higher betting limits if you are to use this strategy to its maximum and most optimal variation. This is because you have a chance of ending up running into trouble if you hit the betting limit too soon. Well, that is why you also want to ensure that when using a progressive strategy, you always choose a betting table where the limits will allow you to make the most out of your experience.

  • How much money you have

    To pick a betting technique, you also need to account for how much money you have. Is your bankroll a bit bigger and therefore capable of sustaining on a little more risk, or do you need an advanced strategy that offers more profitable outcomes if only you will make the right bets? Bankroll is a good consideration to factor in – especially in progressive strategies. You need to make sure that you have enough starting capital to make a strategy work put plainly.

  • How much time you have

    Time can be quite important for making strategy work in a roulette game. Some strategies will require that you rely on a flat progression of wagers and expect to win from those. However, this will naturally take more time. When picking a strategy, you must factor in how much time you want to play or have on your hands. In addition, it is worth considering that if you want to play live roulette with strategies, you must understand that the time to bet here is not much, usually up to 20 seconds, so you can not have time to make complex combinations of bets.

  • What type of game are you playing

    Some techniques will work better with specific types of versions of the game. So, to put it this way, you stand the best chance of success if you turn to a solution such as European roulette. American roulette comes with two zeroes, and many players agree that this can throw a real spanner in the works when looking to secure a victory or make a strategy work. That is why you should always be prepared and aware of what to expect by opting for one version over another.

! Important Facts and Advice

Long-term, the odds are stacked against you

Because of the casino’s house edge, there is no way to shake off the long-term advantage that the casino has over you, and that’s just a fact of life. However small, this house edge will work against you, so it’s important to be conservative and not take risks. After all, the expected value in the casino is always negative, as mentioned above, which means the longer you are in the game, the greater the chances of defeat.

Do not pay for “special” strategies

Never pay for strategies that promise you the roulette world. All info that you should know about roulette is already available out there, and it will definitely make it viable for you to win or lose standard amounts. Do not trust anyone who tells you there is a secret formula to success – there isn’t.

Google #1 Page roulette strategies do not always work

While you may be inclined to click the first results of Google only, we recommend that you try to stick with the best researched and justified sources. If you think something is lacking on Google's #1-page results, then it is, and you should look for a better-explained source!

The strategy test needs at least 1000 spins to justify

It's quite true. The only way to test if a strategy work is to have more spins it can be 1000 or more. It all depends on the strategy itself. Why? Because there is an error for margin in smaller samples. All casino games that use a Random Number Generator are tested over 100,000 times to confirm that the return-to-player is an X percentage. That is why the same applies to testing strategies.

Strategy Related Hot Topics

You will certainly want to know more about the way roulette strategies work, and this is very understandable. That is why we have put together a list of additional resources and materials about roulette. It’s worth remembering that Roulette77 runs a comprehensive guide of strategy resources that are designed to always elevate your gameplay and help you find new information about roulette. We are updating our database with the latest findings about the game that can give you a true edge in succeeding with your next roulette session, whether you play live or online.

Roulette Strategy Books

  • Beating The Wheel: The System That Has Won over Six Million Dollars from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo Russell T. Barnhart
    Beating The Wheel: The System That Has Won over Six Million Dollars from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo Russell T. Barnhart
  • The mathematics of gambling Edward O.Thorp
    The mathematics of gambling Edward O.Thorp
  • Gamble to Win: Roulette R. D. Ellison
    Gamble to Win: Roulette R. D. Ellison
  • Money management for gamblers John Patrick
    Money management for gamblers John Patrick


Playing roulette can be fun as it can be rewarding. If you have $100 to your name allocated for playing this game, don’t worry because this is plenty. All you need to do to get the max fun out of your budget is to know that there is the right strategy for you. While there are no magic formula, and the odds are probably stacked against you in the long-term, strategies make playing roulette so much more fun and easier.

Remember to pace yourself and always consider withdrawing your funds if you feel like you have amassed a healthy bankroll. After all, the casino is not a charitable organization, and therefore, there is no 100% way to win all the time. Strategies will help guide you to success, but you will still need to show a little discretion. Roulette77 brings you the best possible stratagems that have been proven to work and be an efficient way to play this timeless classic of a game! We have tested and concluded each strategy, and we do not mind if you disagree with them. In any case, would like to wish you good luck and keep a calm mind while playing roulette.


How to win at roulette every time?

There is no magic sauce formula that you can use to truly win at roulette – the odds are stacked against you BUT (and it’s a big but), you can play and win in the mid to short term. You won’t win EVERY time, but you will win often enough to amass a small respectable profit, and sometimes, even more. It’s important to use smart strategies and be patient because this is what it usually takes to win at roulette over a period of time – patience. Keep to our list of strategies, and you will see that success isn’t so hard after all.

Does the Martingale system work?

The Martingale strategy works beautifully in theory. However, each roulette game has a max betting limit. This means that if you get unlucky to realize nine losses one after the other, you won’t be able to double down again and recoup your losses. This is the main problem with this strategy – what if you lose too many times, and the statistics say it’s possible to do? Also, do not forget about the depleted bankroll i.s. there may be a moment in the game when you do not have enough funds to place the next bet to compensate for losses. However, it’s still an excellent strategy to see if you can advance your gameplay based on it.

What is the house edge, and how to calculate it?

The house edge of a casino is determined by the number of 0s present in the game. For a European roulette wheel, the probability of success is 1:37. Then, you can use the formula of 1x1/37 = 0.0270270 x 100 to get 2.70270, which will put the house edge at 2.70%. The house edge is efficiently the casino’s mathematical advantage for every bet you pace. You see, without the zero, there would be no house edge at all because you can just bet on evens/odds bets and get a 50% chance. However, zero changes this dynamic.

Are there any illegal strategies?

No, all strategies that rely on chance and mathematical probability are, in fact, completely legal. A casino may still ask you to leave if you are using a strategy and only sticking to it, but there is nothing illegal in the fact that you understand the mathematical probabilities and want to give yourself the best chance of success. The only time when a strategy would be considered illegal is if you end up actually messing up with the game by moving the chips or trying to cheat the dealers.

What are less risky strategies?

Generally speaking, Reverse Martingale and D’alembert tend to be the less risky strategies. They are easy to grasp and get into, and this is something that players definitely appreciate. They want a simple and straightforward path to victory, and all of these strategies are actually fit for that purpose.

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