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Strategies for American roulette

Last updated: 07.17.2023 by Andrew Shepard

Almost any roulette expert and even a newbie familiar with the game's basic principles will advise you to give preference to roulette with one zero, i.e., the European version, because the house edge in it is lower than in the American. Therefore the probabilities of winning are more extensive, which is especially true in long-term gaming sessions. Also, any source on the Internet on this topic will confirm this advice.

However, the key point is indicated in the "if there is a choice" phrase. If we are talking about online roulette, then there is no problem. We have not yet met online casinos that would not provide access to roulette with one zero. It is everywhere and with different bet limits. The high competitiveness probably explains this in the online casino market: if any of the casinos do not contain a roulette wheel with one zero, then potential players will look for it from rivals.

The situation is entirely different with offline casinos. For example, roulette with one 0 is the exception in American land-based casinos rather than the rule. Only tables with 00 are available to regular players, and tables with one zero are either for VIP players or with very high minimum bets so that the minimum wager can be around $100.

Therefore, such players need to somehow get out. So, we have prepared helpful tips for you and a selection of strategies in case you find yourself face-to-face with American roulette.

The most suitable strategies for American roulette

Usually, any strategy is suitable for any type of roulette, regardless of the number of zeros. However, given the fact that in American roulette, at each bet, the chance of winning is less than in European roulette, you need to look for strategies with minimal risks. It would not be entirely accurate to say that there are specific American roulette betting systems. In other words, the same systems and strategies can be used for American roulette as for the European version, but you need to choose the less risky of them since the chance of winning in American roulette is lower. So let's list a few of them.

System 24+8

This American roulette strategy is known in narrow circles and is quite simple. According to the idea, 20 units are placed for any two dozen, and within the remaining third dozen, 10 straight ups of 1 unit are placed. And so, we bet every move, if you wish, of course, you can change dozens and positions of single bets.

  • If one of the dozens wins, then the profit will be 0 - we will not win or lose anything. The probability of such an outcome will be 63.16%
  • If one of the straight-up bets wins, then the profit will be +6, and the probability is 26.32%
  • The last option is losing: probability 10.52%

Such a strategy works best in the short term, that is, it is better not to count on long sessions of 100+ moves.

Hollandish system

Hollandish is one of the American roulette betting systems that seems complicated at first glance but is actually quite easy to implement. In its simplest form, it requires increasing the wager amount by 2 units according to certain rules. So, for example, if you start playing with 1 unit, the next wager amounts should be 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, etc. You change the wager according to the following rules:

  • Use the same wager for your first three spins.
  • If the result is a net loss after these spins, increase the wager amount by two.
  • If the result is a net profit after these spins, continue using the same wagers until there is a loss.
  • Anytime you make a profit after three spins, go back to the beginning of this sequence (i.e., place three wagers for 1 unit once again).

Paroli System

Another name for this American roulette strategy is Reverse Martingale. The essence of the method is as follows:

  • All bets are placed on even odds bets
  • For each consecutive win, the bet size is doubled.
  • If we lose, we return to the initial value of the bet
  • If you wish to control the value of the bet, you can return to the original bet after 3 consecutive wins.

Why did we recommend this strategy? Because it is relatively risk-free. Of course, in the long run, it will lead you to a loss. But in general, if you don’t set yourself the goal of winning too much, then you can achieve success, the main thing is to stop in time at the moment when a series of wins fills up your bankroll, and you get a plus.

Other strategic tips on American roulette

5 number bet is not an advantage

A distinctive feature of American roulette is also a unique bet on five numbers, it is also called a Basket and is placed on 0, 00, 1, 2, 3. In some sources, there is a statement that this is supposedly an advantage. However, mathematically this is not entirely true.

The House edge in American roulette is 5.36%. In a separate article, we explained mathematically how this figure is obtained, and any bet will have a house edge of 5.36%, but for a 5-number bet, it will be 7.89% as an exception. So, if you get carried away with this bet, in fact, it will not give you an advantage, and even vice versa.

The surrender rule does not always work.

We know that according to the rules, the Surrender rule in American roulette can operate similarly to la partage in French roulette. However, in practice, you will rarely find roulette tables where this rule will apply. This is all due to commerce: the surrender rule, in general, is a loss for the casino, so it is unpopular. Therefore, do not count on this option, or at least check before you start playing if it works for your table.

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