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Safest and low-risk roulette systems: suggestions from Roulette77

Last updated: 07.17.2023 by Andrew Shepard

Along with solving the problem of how to win more and more often at roulette, players are constantly looking for the safest way to play roulette to protect themselves from total loss and minimize risks.

In general, the key to the safest roulette system can be considered in two aspects:

  • Good bankroll management
  • Using a low-risk roulette strategy

In this article, we will take a closer look at these two approaches.

However, it is worth answering the question: what is a roulette safe strategy? This is a strategy that involves minimal losses and risks during its implementation, in particular, sharp drawdowns in the bankroll. Of course, at the same time, such a system does not guarantee a profit, and in the case of winnings, they will be mostly insignificant.

Bankroll management methods as a roulette safe strategy

One aspect of playing roulette safely is managing your bankroll. There are various developed methods to manage your financial resources when playing and protect yourself from heavy losses. Let's talk about some of these ways.

  • Single session management: This is probably the safest way to play roulette because it determines how much you will risk in a single session and limits your losses. You pick a win-goal first, let’s say 100 units. Your bankroll will be five times this amount – in this example, it is 500 units. In other words, whether you win or lose, you leave the game after spending 500 units in a single session.
  • Monthly bankroll management: This is a variant of the safest roulette system explained above. However, this time you set a monthly budget for playing roulette (i.e., 1,000 units) and divide it into smaller portions throughout the month (for example, 100 units for each game you play). If you finish the month with a profit, you can roll over the surplus to the next month.
  • Gambling fund method: Create a bank account just for gambling purposes. Set a weekly budget and use 10% of that budget in each game you play. If your budget depletes before the end of the week, you need to wait until next week. If you get a surplus, however, you can transfer it to next week. Do not use this bank account for any other purpose, and do not deposit more than your allocated budget. Basically, this is a low-risk roulette strategy that limits your losses as long as you respect it.

Low-risk roulette systems

You can develop an infinite number of strategies in roulette, but most of them will require taking heavy risks. As an alternative, we can advise you on some tactics that can be defined as a “low risk roulette strategy”: maybe you won’t win big amounts by using them, but you will be able to minimize your losses for sure. Please also note that none of them give you a “guarantee”: they are simple systems that try to minimize your risks, and they do not mean “you can never lose”. You can still lose even with these systems, but the risk will be lower, and your losses will be smaller.


Labouchere is a roulette safe strategy that asks you to set your wagers according to a specific sequence. First, set a win goal for yourself: in this example, we will use 6 units as our goal.

  • Next, create a sequence that totals to this goal.
  • 1+2+3 is such a sequence (its sum is 6).
  • Start placing even money bets using the first and the last number in the sequence as the wager amount, in our case bet is 4 units (1+3).
  • If you win your bet, delete one digit from the left and the right of the sequence and use the next digit as the new wager amount. In our example, the new bet amount will be 2 units because our previous bet was winning, so we deleted digits 1 and 3 from the sequence.
  • If you lose your bet, add the lost amount to the right of the sequence. In our case, it will be 4 units, and our sequence will look like 1,2,3 and 4.
  • Your goal is to clear all the digits in the sequence: when you do this, you can start a new sequnse or use a preveius one.


This is a low risk roulette strategy that requires determining the wager amount based on the Fibonacci sequence. It should only be used with bets that pay even money. The Fibonacci numbers are a sequence believed to form the basis of the golden ratio, and each digit in it is the sum of the previous two digits. So, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc.

  • Start playing with 1 unit.
  • If you lose, use the next number in the sequence as the wager amount. You will do this after every loss.
  • If you win, go back two steps in the sequence. You will do this after every winning.

Oscar Grind

This strategy is another variant of a safe betting system and can produce good results even with a small bankroll. It is also very easy to implement:

  • Start playing with 1 unit and only wager on even money bets.
  • If you lose, continue without changing the wager amount.
  • If you win, increase the wager amount by 1 unit.
  • Continue this until you have a net profit of 1 unit. After that, reset the sequence and start the loop from the beginning.

Fisher Strategy

Presumably, this was a strategy developed by a casino owner (Samuel Fisher) during the 19th century. Once again, you should only use it on even money bets. It works like this:

  • Start playing with 1 unit – we will call this the “base unit” and you can determine the actual amount freely.
  • If you lose four rounds in a row, triple the wager amount (in this example, 1 x 3 = 3 units) and use the same amount until you lose four times in a row again.
  • If you win (at any time), return back to the base unit.

Basically, the goal is to increase the wager only after losing four times in succession. Other than that, you keep playing with the same amount.

Flat outside bets

If all these systems and strategies sound complicated, we have a simple suggestion that could be the safest roulette system: try your luck only on outside bets. In all variants of roulette, outside bets have the highest chance of winning. The odds of winning in European and French roulette range from 32.40% (column/dozen) to 48.60% (red/black, odd/even, low/high). In American roulette, these values are 31.58% and 47.37%, respectively. Simply choosing outside bets can be the safest way to play roulette.

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