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What are the Best Bets in Roulette?

Last updated: 10.16.2023 by Andrew Shepard

Roulette is a game that has many betting options in each variant, and it is possible to try your luck for a wide range of outcomes by combining these bets in different combinations. But such diversity also gives rise to the question: what is the best bet in roulette? This is a question asked not only by beginners but also by veteran gamblers.

Unfortunately, there is no single and fixed answer to this question. In other words, it is not possible to pick one roulette bet type and say that it will be the best option for everyone. Which roulette bets are a better choice over others depends on your expectations and the level of risk you are willing to take on. Therefore, this question will have multiple answers. Here, we will talk about which are the best roulette bets according to different criteria and share some interesting combinations for your inspiration.

Best bets in terms of odds and risk

Some players do not like to take too much risk and do not want sudden & radical changes in their bankrolls. If we evaluate in terms of odds and risk, inside bets paying 1:1 will be the best choice for such players. These bets are:

Their common feature is that each of them covers 18 numbers in total. So, you place a bet on almost half of the possible outcomes. For the same reason, your chances of winning will also be quite high. In the Single Zero (European & French) and Double Zero (American) variants, the chances of winning these bets are as follows:

These percentages do not vary depending on the bet type, meaning they are valid for every bet listed above, since, as we mentioned above, they all cover 18 numbers in total. These bets are the best choice for those who want to play for a long time without taking much risk. Since they don’t have high payouts, you should not expect your bankroll to grow quickly, but it will not decrease quickly too. The only problem is that they can get boring after a while: playing with just these three options isn't exactly fun.

Best bets in terms of payouts

Some players are after big payouts: they want to increase their winning potential as much as possible and do not hesitate to take risks for this purpose. This is a more aggressive style of play and bets with the highest payouts will be the best choice for such players.

In this context, wagers placed on a straight bet, that is, only a single number, have the biggest payout: 35:1. But the probability of winning such a bet is quite low in every variant of roulette:

  • 2,70% (in European and French Roulette)
  • 2,63% (in American Roulette)

There are two ways to increase your odds. The first one is simple: you place as many straight bets as possible. For example:

  • Place 10 straight bets, each worth 1 unit. Your total investment is 10 units (1 x 10).
  • This way, you can cover 27% of the table, which also makes your winning chance 27%.
  • If one of these bets wins, the payout will be 35.
  • However, we will have lost the other 9 bets, so 35 - 9 = 26 units net profit.
Many straight bets

The second way is to back up straight bets with split & street bets that pay 17:1 and 11:1. For example, by placing two straight, one split, and two street bets, you will still cover 10 numbers and your chances of winning will increase slightly.

Other interesting and useful combinations

Above, we talked about how you can cover a larger part of the table by giving a simple combination bet example. If this interests you, there are many more different combinations that can be adapted to all types of players and all play styles. You can see some examples below.

Six-line bet coverage

This combination allows you to cover a fairly large part of the table by placing a series of line bets. A “line” is a bet that normally covers 6 numbers: you place your chips on a transaction between two lines on the table and try your luck on all numbers in that range. You can place a wager covering 24 different numbers by placing a total of 4 line bets. In the image below, you can see an example of this.

Six-line bet coverage

Such a bet won’t cost that much and will offer a 64.86% probability of winning, which is a pretty good percentage. And if you win, the payout will be 2 times your initial wager.

High-density bet coverage

This combination focuses on a small area rather than covering a large area of the table. The goal is to place a series of bets covering multiple outcomes in that area. For example, start by choosing a 3x3 area on the table, it will contain a total of 9 numbers. Place a straight bet and surround it with split & corner bets. Most of these bets will include the same numbers, allowing you to win multiple payouts if those numbers win. You can see what such a combination would look like in the image below.

High-density bet coverage

In this image, a straight bet is placed on the black 8, and both the 8 and the surrounding numbers are covered with split and corner bets. If the 8 wins, both the straight and any other bets involving it will be paid out: this means you can win up to 135 times your bet.


There is no single bet in roulette that will be the best choice for every player and every bankroll. Instead, there are bet types that will be best for different playing styles and budgets. Instead of focusing on just one type of bet, decide which ones would suit your needs and expectations. Don't be afraid to experiment from time to time either: over time, you'll find what the best bets are to suit your own playing style.

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