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Guide to playing online Roulette with Litecoin

Last updated: 07.17.2023 by Anna Talanska

Litecoin roulette is quite popular these days and for a good reason. The game is fast, safe, and easy to manage, and you get to place your next bet with one of the most trusted payment systems that exist on the blockchain. As such, Litecoin roulette sites strive to provide you with the best possible experience right from the get-go. To find the best sites that offer this payment method, we recommend taking a look at the next section, where all your questions will be answered.

Litecoin Roulette Casinos

  • Wild Casino
    Accepts US players
    Bonus up to $5 000 welcome package
    Withdrawal limits (LTC) $20-100 000
    Games 10+
    Payout speed (LTC) 48 hours
  • Ignition Casino
    Accepts US players
    Bonus up to $2 000 welcome offer
    Withdrawal limits (LTC) $20-25 000
    Games 8
    Payout speed (LTC) 1 - 2 days
  • BetUs
    Accepts US players
    Bonus up to $3 000 welcome offer
    Withdrawal limits (LTC) $50-5 000
    Games 10
    Payout speed (LTC) 1 - 7 days
  • BetOnline
    Accepts US players
    Bonus up to $3 000 on first deposit
    Withdrawal limits (LTC) $20-25 000
    Games 10
    Payout speed (LTC) 1 - 2 days
  • SlotoCash
    Accepts US players
    Bonus up to $500 on first deposit
    Withdrawal limits (LTC) $10-600
    Games 3
    Payout speed (LTC) 48 hours
  • BoVegas
    Accepts US players
    Bonus up to $5500 welcome package
    Withdrawal limits (LTC) $25-5 000
    Games 4
    Payout speed (LTC) 1 - 2 days

Why should you trust these roulette sites?

To find and pick the best roulette sites that accept Litecoin, players will need to consider at least a handful of factors. We have made the search for the best Litecoin gambling roulette a little easier by providing you with the information that would be important to you when trying to pick a casino.

  • Casinos We Have Play-tested

    The first and most important factor is to play at LTC roulette casinos that reviewers and experts such as our team have play-tested. We make an important point of checking out what a casino has to offer and whether everything is exactly as advertised before recommending the website to our readers. We always rank the casinos based on comprehensive criteria that impact your gameplay.

  • Excellent Game Variety

    Litecoin roulette is not a niche game and therefore, there are plenty of different types of it to try. From European to American, to French Roulette, you can experience many of the most popular and innovative versions of the game while using Litecoin as your main betting currency. Players can usually choose from traditional and live casino LTC roulette, which increases the number of choices you have on your hands.

  • Licensed and Secure Sites

    Not least, we always make sure that the websites you visit offer you a great Litecoin roulette by means of reputation and an established track record. Players will be able to choose a secure Litecoin casino at the websites we have thoroughly reviewed for all the necessary licenses and security measures. Advanced encryption, recognized license and more are just some of the criteria we have for safety and security.

Pros and Cons of Litecoin Gambling Roulette

Litecoin roulette sites do have their pros and cons. We will now take a look at some of the advantages of this payment method and why it may be worth your while. Then again, we will issue a few caveats that are usually things that players worry about and understandably so. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using this payment method.

  • Litecoin requires a little more onboarding than FIAT currencies
  • Not every casino supporters this payment
  • The value of Litecoin is subject to volatility
  • Excellent payment method that makes it very easy to transact money
  • Reliable and easy to move your money to and from any LTC website
  • Makes it a little easier to cash out if you win big
  • Very convenient once you get used to it
  • Increasingly popular payment options featured at the best casinos

Alternative Payment Methods

Besides Litecoin, there are many other ways to play roulette with cryptocurrency. Below, we have reviewed four distinct payment method alternatives that will be just as easy and reliable to use when you place your next roulette bet. If you want to know a little more, just check out the descriptions here.


Bitcoin is perhaps the most popular alternative to roulette Litecoin bringing you the means to transact money quickly and reliably. The payment method is hailed as the most popular cryptocurrency, and it is inherently secure and trustworthy. Changes in Bitcoin value will usually impact the value of Litecoin and all other currencies. Bitcoin is, to this very day, the staple cryptocurrency for gambling – whether it’s on roulette, slots, or something else.


Tether is another popular and trusted cryptocurrency that uses the advantages of the blockchain but makes sure it is based on the mainstream financial system. The value of Tether is one USD per unit, making it one of the most stable currency to use when betting on roulette. The currency is flexible and easy to use, and it always has a predictable pricing model. It belongs to a family of crypto tokens known as “stablecoins” which means that Tether is not as prone to rapid and surprising currency swings.


Ethereum is an innovative form of payment method that was among the first to move away from a Proof of Work model. This means that the currency is cheap to transact, easy to use, and even simpler to bet with on your favorite Litecoin roulette sites. Players have this payment method as a quick and efficient way to deposit and withdraw their winnings when playing roulette.


Dogecoin is a “meme coin,” or an altcoin and was not taken too seriously until 2020 when Elon Musk offered his half-jocose endorsement of the currency, sending it skyrocketing. Ever since, Dogecoin has become a very popular, trusted and reliable payment method to use at roulette casinos and make a deposit with. Dogecoin’s value is admittedly still a little volatile, but it has mostly stabilized and aligned with the price movements of the mainstream cryptocurrency market, making it a preferred choice for Litecoin gambling roulette.

Top Casinos to use an alternative cryptocurrency

Litecoin and its alternatives are exceptional payment methods that will help you have a blast when looking to play your favorite casino games. These methods are quick, efficient, and trustworthy, and you will have absolutely no trouble trying to make the most out of your sessions using Litecoin or alternatives. So, below, you can see a small list of the best casinos that propose alternatives to Litecoin.

Casino Accepted cryptocurrecies
SlotsEmpire Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether
Red Dog Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether
Wild Casino BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tether
Ignition Casino Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Tether

How to Play Litecoin Roulette

To get started with roulette Litecoin, all you need to do is follow several easy steps. Some casinos will allow you to buy Litecoin directly on their websites and convert it into FIAT money for the purposes of play. Others will let you play with Litecoin tokens right from the start, making the experience more immersive. Below, we have offered the steps you need to follow in order to get started with roulette and casinos with Litecoin.

  1. Find a casino that will accept Litecoin bets directly and not via conversion
  2. Check out some of the best crypto exchanges and purchase Litecoin
  3. Find a way to store your Litecoin with a trusted cold or hot wallet
  4. Transfer all your cryptocurrency – Litecoin – into the wallet, and choose cold storage if possible
  5. Make a deposit with Litecoin into the casino – choose how much you want to deposit personally
  6. Find a Litecoin casino welcome bonus to get even more bang for your buck if you thin the bonus conditions are reasonable
  7. Check if there are other Litecoin promotions that you can use to your advantage.


What is the main advantage of playing roulette with Litecoin?

Roulette with Litecoin will offer plenty of advantages to players. For starters, you would never have to worry about the speed of individual transactions. Cashouts may happen even instantaneously, depending on the casino you have picked. There is also the added plus of some of the transactions being anonymous if you pick a casino that does not require too much information, which some players view as another advantage.

Can I both deposit and withdraw in Litecoin currency in an online casino?

Yes, you can absolutely do the full banking circle when using Litecoin. Players will soon discover that Litecoin roulette and Litecoin casinos are flexible, and they allow you to move quickly and efficiently through all payment transactions. You can deposit and withdraw with nearly the same speed and have a dependable banking experience from the moment you join the casino.

Are there bonuses and promos for Litecoin players?

Yes, absolutely. Just like with most other cryptocurrencies, Litecoin players can find plenty of great bonuses that will be waiting for them at the designated casinos. You will discover a ton of promo options to try if you like – deposit, no deposit, welcome packages, and recurrent promos are all part of the deal when you are playing with Litecoin.

What are the fees of deposits and withdrawals in online casinos for Litecoin?

The fees that apply to any Litecoin transaction – whether this is a deposit or withdrawal – will be much smaller than any traditional payment method, meaning that every time you deposit using Litecoin, you will actually be winning money.

Is it safe to play roulette with Litecoin?

Yes, it’s safe to play roulette with Litecoin as the payment method is designed to provide you with a robust experience that will make it much easier for you to deposit and withdraw your winnings when you want to and as often as you want to.

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