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Strategy Simulator


This instrument is created with one simple purpose: to provide you with the ability to test and simulate different roulette strategies and bet patterns. Our simulator of roulette strategy is based on a Random Number Generator(RNG) and simulates game moves according to specified bet algorithms and input parameters. So, let’s explain how to use the Roulette Strategy tester by step-by-step:

  1. Users place a bet or multiple bets according to bet pattern or strategy. Players can use different available chip values between 0.1 units and 500 units. For your convenience, we add a separate “Total Bet” item, which indicates the sum of your bets.
  2. The next step is quite easy. You can choose the number of spins in the appropriate cell, which is between 10 and 1000 spins.
  3. In the next “Starting balance” cell, all you need is to set your start balance between 100 and 100,000 units
  4. The next cell, named “Additional settings”, proposes you set one of three variants of bet progression:
    1. Default - this mode can be explained as flat betting, so for each spin, using the same bet value
    2. Double after loss - as the title suggests, your bet is doubled after each loss, and after the win, return to the initial bet. For example, you place 1 unit in a “Black” and lose, so our instrument automatically increases your next bet to 2 units. Let’s imagine the next spin was successful, and you win, so your next bet value returns to the initial 1 unit bet.
    3. Double after win - here is the opposite option. After each winning, your bet is doubled, and after a loss, set the initial bet value.
  5. Moreover, players can cancel previous bets with the “UNDO” button or clear all bets with the eponymous “CLEAR” button.
  6. When users set all necessary parameters, all players need to do is click on the “Start” button and the roulette strategy tester starts the simulation.
  7. As we said above, the Strategies tester is based on RNG, so each round's winning number is predicted by this number generator. Also, according to RNG algorithms, other parameters of each round output are denoted. Finally, users get a table with the following results cells:
    1. Round - indicates the ordinal number of rounds
    2. Number - shows the winning number according to the RNG mechanism
    3. Status - provides information about the result of the round, win or lose
    4. Bet - the sum of currently round bets
    5. Payout - payout or loss amount depending on the outcome of the round
    6. Balance - balance state depending on the outcome of the round
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