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A Guide to Roulette Odds

Last updated: 07.12.2023 by Chris Mwangi

Roulette is a game that takes a good degree of luck, but there is a mathematical justification behind every outcome. This is where odds and probability come in. Each bet you place on a game of roulette will actually have a distinct chance of succeeding. To understand how this works, we have put together a comprehensive guide that explains what odds are and how the different types of roulette wagers will actually impact your chances of succeeding in producing a successful bet.

How to Calculate Roulette Odds?

Now, most of you are probably wondering how to figure out the odds of each wager succeeding. Well, you do that by simply need to divide the numbers that are covered by your bet by the total numbers on the roulette wheel and then multiplying by 100. This is how you arrive at the percentage and chance you have to actually win a wager. Let’s look at this in practice.

  • European roulette has 37 numbers, from 0 to 36
  • If you bet on a straight bet, that is a single number, then you have a 1/37*100 chance to win
  • This means that your chance is 1/37 = 0.0270
  • Once you multiply by 100, your chance is calculated as 2.7% to win

Another example here will be with the even/odds bet. This bet covers 18 numbers, and as a result, you do:

  • 18/37*100 = 48.64% to win

These examples are based on the European layout of the game. What this means is that there is a single zero in the game. If you were playing a double-zero variant, such as American Roulette, then you need to make the adjustments yourself.

Odds = Number of occupied field Number of overall fields x 100%

Number of overall fields = 36 for single zero roulette

Number of overall fields = 37 for single double zero

Odds of Roulette Bets

Below we have prepared a unique table for you to find out the odds for each specific bet. This will help you correctly plan your gaming budget and calculate all possible risks, allowing you to build the right game plan.

Bet Odds (single zero version) Odds (double zero version) How to calculate (single zero) How to calculate (double zero)
Straight up 2,70% 2,60% 1/37*100 1/38*100
Split 5,40% 5,30% 2/37*100 2/38*100
Street 8,10% 7,90% 3/37*100 3/38*100
Corner 10,80% 10,50% 4/37*100 4/38*100
Basket - 13.20% - -
Six Line 16,20% 15,80% 6/37*100 6/38*100
Column 32,40% 31,60% 12/37*100 12/38*100
Dozen 32,40% 31,60% 12/37*100 12/38*100
Even/Odd 48,60% 47,40% 18/37*100 18/38*100
Red/Black 48,60% 47,40% 18/37*100 18/38*100
High/Low 48,60% 47,40% 18/37*100 18/38*100

What Are the Odds of Announced Bets?

The odds of Announced Bets, or French Bets as they are known, will differ. These bets may cover multiple numbers or even half of the wheel. Depending on whether you bet on Tiers du Cylindre, Jeu 0 Bets, or Voisins du Zero, you may have a different percentage. Check out the table below:

Bet Odds How to calculate
Visions du zero 45.95% 17/37*100
Orphelins 21.62% 8/37*100
Tiers du cylindre 32.43% 12/37*100
Jeu 0 18.70% 7/37*100
Neighbours 13.8% 5/37*100

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Roulette Odds: Use the Calculator

Now, to make the entire process of figuring out roulette odds all that simpler for you, we have simply chosen to create a tool. You just need to enter the type of bet you are talking about, and we will make sure that you can arrive at a solution quickly and efficiently. Try it for yourself.


What bets have the highest odds in roulette?

The highest potential odds are those that apply to the outside bets, which usually pay 1:1. This means that betting on any of the outside bets that cover half the numbers will have a fairly decent chance of rewarding you. For European roulette, this is around 48%.

What’s roulette house edge, and how do you calculate it?

Because roulette comes with a 0 or double-zero, there are different house edges to consider. The house edge is basically how much the casino is set to earn from every $100 that is wagered. The house edge for European roulette is $2.70, and that’s pretty standard. You calculate the house edge by taking the number of zeros and dividing by the total numbers. So, for Europeans, it’s 1/37 = 2.70%. For American roulette, it’s 2/38 = 5.26%.

What are the odds of a 0 hitting?

Well, just like with other straight bets, the 0 has a 2.70% chance of landing, based on the 1/37*100 formula. For American roulette, the percentage is slightly lower because 1/38 = 2.63%.

Will La Partage and En Prison rules increase my odds of winning?

Yes, these two rules will actually boost your potential winnings, but they won’t actually increase the odds of an outcome as such. Rather, they just decrease the house edge, but the chances of a bet landing are the same.

What is RTP in roulette?

The return to player rate in a game of roulette is the expected return to the player for every $100 they bet.

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