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Orphelins Bet

Last updated: 01.14.2023 by Andrew Shepard
Odds 21.62%
Numbers Covered 8
Payouts 31 / 13

Orphelins, also known in English as “orphans”, is a roulette bet that covers two sections of the roulette wheel. 17, 34, and 6 make up one sector, while 1, 20, 14, 31, and 9 make up the other. This system is very similar to voisins du zero, except this one only covers eight numbers per round which gives us a 21.62% chance of winning. Here is how we place our chips:

  • 1 unit on number 1
  • 1 unit each on the following four splits: 6+9, 14+17, 17+20, and 31+34

As you can see, this method requires 5 units in wagers per round, and there are four possible outcomes.

  • Win straight-up bet on the 1 for a 31-unit gain. The chances of this are 2.70%.
  • Win the 6+9 split or the 31+34 split. The chances are 10.81%, and it results in a 13-unit gain.
  • Win the 14+17 split or the 17+20 split. The chances of this are 5.41%, and it results in a 13-unit profit.
  • Win with 17 to win with 2 splits. The odds are 2.70%, and it pays a 31-unit profit.
  • Miss completely for a 5-unit loss. The chance of this happening is 78.38%
Orphelins Bet

Putting Orphelins to the Test

We will now take a look at how we can expect our bankrolls to behave when using the orphelins strategy over a long session. We will use Google Sheets and the formulas for the five possible outcomes to simulate the progress of four imaginary players over the course of 1,000 rounds. The graph below illustrates the results.

Orphelins Bet test

These results are quite remarkable in that the bankrolls remained steadier than they do with other systems like voisin du zero. Even though we have a 78.38% chance of losing, we only lose $5 per loss. On the flip side, winning results have a decent payout ratio. We can conclude that using the orphelins system over long sessions does indeed have merit.

Tips and Strategies for Using the Orphelins Strategy

Orphelins bets are similar to other systems like voisins du zero in many ways. For example, you can incorporate other systems and strategies into it. Here are three ways to do it.

d’Alembert with Orphelins and Tiers

The main gist of this approach is as follows:

  • Bet on orphelins and tiers, as shown in the illustration below.
  • Increase the wager by 1 unit after a loss.
  • Decrease the wager by 1 unit following a loss.
d’Alembert with Orphelins and Tiers

As it turns out, this system requires 11 base units each round. We end up covering 20 of the 37 numbers giving us a 54.05% chance of winning. The benefit of using the d’Alembert betting strategy is that it can allow you to recuperate from losses a lot faster, and it isn’t quite as risky as Martingale.

Orphelins and Neighbors System

This strategy is a lot of fun. Here’s how it works:

  • We bet on Orphelins.
  • If we lose the first time, then we add the three neighboring numbers on either side of one of the Orphelin sectors. For example, 21, 2, and 25, along with 27, 13, and 36, are the neighbors of the 17, 34, and 6 sector of the wheel. Orphelins and Neighbors System
  • If we lose again, then we add three more neighboring numbers on each side of the opposite Orphelin sector. Orphelin sector
  • If we lose yet again, we bet the same numbers as we did in the previous round, but we double the stake.
  • We revert back to the base stake amount following a win.

To sum it up, we essentially keep adding numbers to increase coverage while following the Martingale betting strategy.


Despite requiring multiple bets, Orphelins is a very straightforward way to bet roulette. Our simulation showed that this method is a lot more effective than a lot of other systems like voisins du zero. Orphelins is a viable long-term plan of attack, although there certainly aren’t any guarantees of being profitable.

In general, orphelins is really just a combination of compound bets along with a straight-up bet. As such, the size of the payout for winning rounds will vary. This is another strategy that is easy and fun to tinker with. We urge you to give it a try and add your own unique spin to it.

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