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Guide to Roulette Limits

Last updated: 10.30.2023 by Andrew Shepard

No matter which variant you play, roulette will always have table and betting limits. In order to have a more efficient and enjoyable experience (and, most importantly, to manage your bankroll better), you need to pay attention to both before you start playing. Because, contrary to popular belief, they are different from each other.

  • Table limits show the lowest and highest bet amounts accepted at that table, regardless of bet types. For example, 0.10 (minimum) – 100 (maximum). This means that no matter what count of bets you choose, the sum of wagers cannot be less than 0.10 and cannot be higher than 100.
  • Betting limits are the lowest and highest wagers determined separately for each bet type in roulette. For example, the red/black bet may have limits of 1.00 (minimum) – 1000 (maximum). In the same game, a straight bet may have different limits, such as 0.10 (minimum) and 100 (maximum).

Here, we will focus on betting limits and talk about everything you need to know about them. This way, you can also understand what the maximum payout potential of a particular game will be.

Limits in online roulette

The most important advantage of online roulette is that it has extremely flexible betting limits. Both high rollers and players with a limited budget can easily find a game suitable for them. So, for example, you can find a game that allows you to bet with only 0.10 units. Likewise, it will not be difficult to find a game that allows you to wager 100 units on the same bet. In any case, remember that each type of bet will have different limits. The table below can help you with this: you can use it as a source of “limit comparison” for different types of roulette games. However, please note that each casino site is free to set its own betting limits: this table is just for you to get a general idea.

Lightning European (Betsoft) Auto Roulette (Evolution)
Bet Min Max Min Max Min Max
straight up 0.2 100 3 25 0.1 100
split 0.2 200 3 25 0.1 200
street 0.2 400 3 25 0.1 500
corner 0.2 600 3 25 0.1 600
six line 0.2 1000 3 25 0.1 800
column 0.2 4000 3 250 0.1 2000
dozen 0.2 4000 3 250 0.1 2000
even money bets 0.2 8000 3 500 0.1 4000

How to check betting limits

There are two basic ways to check betting limits on any roulette game:

  • These limits may already be displayed on the table or interface. When you log in to the game, you can see the limits of each bet, for example, in the upper right corner of the interface.
  • To see these limits, you need to open the paytable, which requires clicking a button on the interface (usually, a question mark or the letter “i”). The paytable opens on a separate screen and contains basic information about the game as well as betting limits.
Live roulette games

Live roulette games usually use the first option, but keep in mind that you need to register with an online casino to play these games: they do not have a demo version and you cannot try them for free.

Roulette betting limits in offline casinos

Roulette betting limits are hardly flexible at land-based casinos, and this affects players with a limited budget the most. These casinos have to place games that will bring the most profit within a limited area, so it is almost impossible to find games with a minimum limit as low as 0.10. The best possible scenario is to find games where the minimum limit is 1.00, and even those will be very few in number. The table below will give you an idea of what to expect from betting limits at land-based casinos.


Having information about roulette betting limits and analyzing them correctly will enable you, as a player, to use your budget much more efficiently and choose the games that suit you best. Likewise, you will be able to easily calculate how much you can earn from a game. For example, if you are playing a game with a maximum limit of 100 for a straight bet, you can know that the highest payout you can win is 3,500, as this bet pays 35:1 and is the highest paying bet in roulette (100 x 35 = 3,500).

Choose the games that suit your budget and consider how much you can win when evaluating the different options: checking out the roulette betting limits will allow you to do both easily.

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