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What is Neighbours Bet in Roulette

Last updated: 10.30.2023 by Andrew Shepard

This is a type of bet that asks you to choose a number and place wagers on its “neighbors” to the left and right. In the traditional neighbors bet, two numbers are chosen from the right and left side, meaning you bet on 5 numbers in total (2 + 1 + 2). These are all straight bets, independent of each other. However, placing bets on five numbers is not your only option: if you wish, you can make this bet cover more numbers by choosing more neighbors (for example, 3 + 1 + 3).

The point to note here is that this bet is placed according to the wheel, not the table. The numbers on the table form a consecutive sequence, while the numbers on the wheel do not follow a specific sequence. So, for example, the neighbors of “8” are not 6, 7 and 9, 10: if you look at the wheel, you will see that the left neighbors of this number are 11 and 30, and the right neighbors are 23 and 10. Neighbor betting allows you to cover certain sectors on the wheel.

How to bet on neighbors

  • First, find a roulette variant that includes a racetrack. This is an oval-shaped area on the table and the order of numbers inside is the same as on a wheel. Some of the French and European variants feature a racetrack.
  • Determine the chip value you will use. In this example, we will assume that the value of each chip is 10 units.
  • Choose a number on the racetrack: the decision is entirely yours; you can choose any number.
  • Place your first chip on the number you choose. Then, place the remaining chips on the two numbers to the left and the two numbers to the right. (As we mentioned above, you can choose more numbers if you wish.)
  • You placed 5 straight bets in total and used 10 units of chips for each. In other words, the total wager amount is 50 units (10 x 5).
Neighbors Bet

What is the value of neighbor bets

When calculating the value and payout of this bet, pay attention to the following (these explanations are for the classic neighbors bet with 5 numbers):

  • Remember that what you are actually doing is placing 5 independent straight bets. The total value of your bet will be determined by the chip values you used in each one. For example, if you used chips worth 1 unit, you are placing a neighbors bet worth 5 units in total.
  • In a straight bet, only one number can win, and the payout will be 35x. This also means that if you win, you will lose all remaining four bets. So, when calculating how much you can win, remember that the actual payout will be 31x (35 - 4), not 35x.
  • Your chances of winning a neighbors bet depend on how many total straight bets you place. In any case, the formula will be “number of straight bets / 37 (or 38)”. So, for example, in a 5-number neighbors bet in European roulette, the chance of winning is 13.51% (5 / 37).

In the table below, you can see what the values are for neighbor rates.

Chart of neighbour bets

Neighbours Total numbers Odds, % Payout
2 5 13.51351351 31
3 7 18.91891892 29
4 9 24.32432432 27
5 11 29.72972973 25
6 13 35.13513514 23
7 15 40.54054054 21
8 17 45.94594595 19


Neighbors is a good option for players who like straight bets. The chances of winning a single straight bet are low, but you can increase those chances by placing a series of straight bets, and using the neighbors will allow you to focus on specific sectors of the wheel (rather than the table). Additionally, if you have a favorite number, you will have the chance to cover its surroundings by placing it in the middle. This bet is also suitable for players who want to try their luck on the hot and cold zones of the wheel.

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