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Guide to Tripple Zero Roulette

Last updated: 11.21.2023 by Andrew Shepard

The basic variants of roulette have either one (0) or two (0 – 00) zero pockets. Triple zero roulette, as can be guessed from its name, has three zero pockets (0 - 00 - 000), and for the same reason, 39 numbers on the wheel. This variant first appeared at the Venetian Las Vegas Casino in October 2016. In the following years, it began to be seen in other Nevada casinos too.

The distinctive aspect of triple zero roulette is that the minimum table limit is quite low. In Nevada casinos, the average table limit for roulette is 20 USD, but the minimum limit for this variant is set at 15 USD. This is a game for tourists and conventioneers, because, as we will explain below, it is not possible for players with basic knowledge about roulette to choose this variant.

Triple zero roulette wheel and layout

With a few exceptions, the table and wheel design of triple zero roulette is quite similar to other variants. However, these exceptions are important enough to affect both gameplays, bet types, and chances of winning:

  • This variant has 39 numbers on its wheel. The 0, 00, and 000 pockets are placed side by side. (In American roulette, the 0 pockets are at opposite corners of the wheel.)
  • The number sequence on the wheel is no different from European roulette. In both variants, the red 32 is on the right of the 0 pocket and the black 26 is on the left.
  • There are not two, but three green betting boxes for zeros on the table. These are placed side by side/on top of each other.
  • This means there are additional betting options too. For example, you can bet that the ball will stop in any of the 0 pockets. Offered only in the triple zero variant, this bet pays 11 to 1 and has a separate section on the table. Some casinos also add a racetrack to the table of this variant.
Triple zero roulette wheel and layout

Odds of triple zero roulette

As a general rule, the higher the probabilities in roulette, the lower the chances of winning. For example, European roulette has 37 numbers and the chance of winning a straight bet is 2.70%. We can find this result simply by calculating 1/37. In triple zero roulette, however, the chance of winning the same bet will be 2.56% because this time the formula is 1/39. This also affects all other bet types: the winning odds of all bets in this variant of roulette will be lower compared to other variants. In the table below, you can see the actual odds compared to the European and American variants.

Bet Payout Odds
Straight up 35:1 2.56%
Split 17:1 5.12%
Street 11:1 7.69%
Corner 8:1 10.25%
Six Line 5:1 15.38%
Column 2:1 30.77%
Dozen 2:1 30.77%
Even/Odd 1:1 46.15%
Red/Black 1:1 46.15%
High/Low 1:1 46.15%

House edge of triple zero roulette

To calculate the house edge percentage of any roulette variant, you can use this formula:

(loss x odds) + (win x odds)

The result of this formula will show what the house edge is. “Loss” and “win” in this formula express the wager we expect to win and lose. (Loss expectation should be negative.) “Odds” show our chances of winning and losing. For example, European roulette has 37 numbers. Let's assume that we place a wager of 100 units for an odd/even bet covering a total of 18 numbers. The probability of winning is 18/37 and the probability of losing is 19/37. Therefore:

  • (-100 x 19/37) + (100 x 18/37)
  • -51.3 + 48.6
  • -2.7 (2.70%)

If we make the same calculation for American roulette, we need to change the odds values to 18/38 and 20/38, since there are 38 numbers in this variant. Therefore:

  • (-100 x 20/38) + (100 x 18/38)
  • -52.63 + 47.36
  • -5.26 (5.26%)

When we use this formula for triple zero roulette, we need to calculate using 39 numbers. Therefore:

  • (-100 x 21/39) + (100 x 18/39)
  • -55.84 + 46.15
  • -7.69 (7.69%)

This means that the RTP value of triple zero roulette is also 92.10%. This is a very low value. To have an idea, you can see the house edge and RTP values of the roulette variants in the comparison below:

  • European Roulette: 2,70% house edge, 97,30% RTP
  • American Roulette: 5,26% house edge, 94,74% RTP
  • French Roulette: 1,35% house edge, 98,65% RTP
  • Triple Edge Roulette: 7,69% house edge, 92,31%

Where to play

If you want to play triple zero roulette, you need to go to the United States. This game is not available in online casinos and is not offered in land-based casinos in other countries (at least for now). Casinos in Nevada or New Jersey that offer triple zero roulette include the Venetian and Palazzo, Planet Hollywood, Golden Nugget, Park MGM, Harrah's Las Vegas, Luxor, Wynn Las Vegas, Caesars Palace, and many more.

In other words, you can expect to find this game in almost every casino that tourists visit. The table limit will be lower compared to other roulette variants, but the house edge value we listed above shows that it is not a good idea to play this game.

Why play triple zero roulette

Triple zero roulette was developed for casinos, not players. In other words, its sole purpose is to increase casino profits. The only reason to choose this game may be the low table limits, but both your chances of winning and the portion of your investment you can recover will be lower. Therefore, we recommend that you stay away from triple zero roulette: there is no reason to play it. To give a simple example, in a game where you invest 100 units:

  • European roulette allows you to recover 97.30 units.
  • In American roulette, this value will be 94.74 units.
  • In triple zero roulette, you can recover a maximum of 92.31 units.

In the long run, your bankroll will be depleted much faster when playing triple zero roulette. Therefore, we recommend that you focus on European or American variants: skip this one.

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