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Explanation of Basket Bet in Roulette

Last updated: 11.06.2023 by Andrew Shepard

Basket is a bet available only in the American variant of roulette, covering 5 numbers in total (0, 00, 1, 2, 3). Since there is no “00” pocket in other roulette variants, such a bet is not possible. You can find everything you need to know about this special bet here.

How to bet on the basket

Although it covers five numbers, you do not need to use 5 chips to place this bet. A basket bet can be placed by putting a single chip in the lower left corner of the line separating the “0” and “1” pockets on the table. You can use any chip value you want, as long as it falls within the bet and table limits.

Five-number bet

What are the odds and payout of a basket bet?

In roulette, to calculate what the chances of winning a particular bet will be, simply divide the numbers covered by that bet by the total number of pockets on the wheel. So, the formula is:

Numbers covered by that bet / total number of pockets on the wheel = winning odds

There are 38 pockets in American roulette and basket bet covers 5 numbers. So:

5 / 38 = 0.1315 (13,15%)

This bet pays 6:1. So, if you place a single chip and win, the payout will be 6 chips.

House edge

The formula you can use to calculate the house edge of any bet in roulette is:

(-loss x odds) + (win x odds)

In this formula, “loss” indicates the number of chips you can lose, and “win” indicates the number of chips you can win. “Odds” are simply your chances of losing or winning. In basket betting, the number of chips you can win is “6” and the number of chips you can lose is “1”. The probability of winning is 5/38 and the probability of losing is 33/38. So:

  • -1 x 33/38 + 6 x 5/38
  • -0.8684 + 0.7894
  • -0.0789 (7,89%)

The house edge of this bet (7,89%) is different from all other roulette bets. This is simply because it is very high. In fact, this is the bet type with the highest house edge value in roulette. This causes the casino to have more edge over the player, as well as decreasing the RTP value to 92.11%, which is the lowest RTP percentage in roulette. For example, if you bet 100 units on the basket, you can only recover 92.11 units in the long run.


We do not recommend you try your luck in basket betting. It is known as the “worst bet in roulette” and there is a reason for that: compared to other options, its RTP is lower, and the house edge is higher. In other words, it will be much harder to get a return on your investment in the long run. In American roulette, there are other bets that would be a much better option for the player: we recommend focusing on them. For example, even placing 5 independent straight bets will offer better odds.

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