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Double Ball Roulette

Last updated: 07.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard
Release year 2016
Variation single zero
RTP 97.30%
Multipliers -
Software Evolution Gaming
Table limits Depends on casinos

Best casino with Double Ball Roulette

Jackbit Casino
Table limits $1 - 800

In 2016, Evolution released a unique gambling game called Double Ball Roulette, which immediately caught the attention of gambling enthusiasts. This version of roulette boasts a range of fantastic features, with the main highlight being the use of two balls, opening up incredible possibilities for wins with a multiplier of up to x1300. The introduction of two balls instead of one adds a new level of excitement and dynamics, making each round even more thrilling. Furthermore, Double Ball Roulette employs an automatic launching mechanism powered by compressed air, while the placement of the balls is manually handled by the dealer.

The design and interface of Double Ball Roulette embody the elegance and minimalism characteristic of Evolution's products. The combination of refined colors and high-quality graphics creates a realistic casino-like environment, immersing players in the atmosphere of genuine excitement. The simplicity and intuitiveness of the interface make the game accessible to all levels of players - both beginners and experienced gambling enthusiasts. Evolution, a leading game software developer, guarantees impeccable quality and a high level of professionalism, ensuring an unparalleled gaming experience.

Features of the Double Ball Roulette Game

Evolution's Double Ball Roulette offers an exciting roulette gaming experience, combining innovation with the standard rules of European roulette. The game maintains a high return to player (RTP) rate of 97.3%, ensuring a fair and just gaming process. However, due to the unique dual-ball feature, Double Ball Roulette introduces some changes to the payouts for bets.

Inside bets:

  • Straight bet – 17:1
  • Split bet – 8:1
  • Street bet – 5:1
  • Corner bet – 3.5:1
  • Line bet – 2:1

Outside bets:

  • Dozen/column bet – 8:1
  • Even/odd, red/black, low/high bet – 3:1

It is important to note that such payouts are explained by the fact that to win on inside bets, it is enough for one ball to land in the pocket, but for outside bets, on the contrary, in order to win, you need two balls in one pocket. However, the main notable feature of Double Ball Roulette is the possibility of having two balls land in one pocket, leading to a unique payout of x1300 of your bet.

Additional Options in the Game:

  • Call Bets: Players can place Call Bets such as Voisins du Zéro, Tiers du Cylindre, and Orphelins. These bets allow players to make special bets on specific sections of the wheel, adding even more strategic possibilities.
  • Autoplay: The Autoplay feature enables players to automatically place bets for a set number of rounds, allowing them to enjoy the game without manually making each bet.
  • Statistics: The statistics screen displays the results of previous wheel spins, helping players analyze trends and make more informed decisions when placing bets.
  • Favorite Bets: Players can save their favorite bets for quick placement in future rounds, simplifying the betting process and making the game even more convenient.

The Double Ball Roulette game not only brings innovation to traditional roulette but also offers players new opportunities for exciting wins. Define your strategies, use special bets, and enjoy the dynamic gameplay with two balls, where each spinning round can bring incredible emotions and significant prizes.

Bet Payout
Straight up 17:1
Split 8:1
Street 5:1
Corner 3.5:1
Six Line 2:1
Column 8:1
Dozen 8:1
Even/Odd 3:1
Red/Black 3:1
High/Low 3:1

Table Limits

Betting limits are an important aspect of gambling games, including Double Ball Roulette. These limits are set by casino operators to ensure fair and sustainable gameplay for all players. Betting limits may vary depending on the casino, but they typically provide a wide range to accommodate the preferences of different players.

Pros and Cons of the Game

  • Innovative gameplay with two balls for an exciting experience.
  • High payouts with the possibility of a x1300 multiplier.
  • Maintains the standard rules of European roulette.
  • Variety of bets for choosing an optimal strategy.
  • Altered payouts for bets due to the presence of two balls.
  • Betting limit restrictions in some casinos.

Tips for Successful Play in Double Ball Roulette

To maximize the enjoyment of the game and increase your chances of winning, consider some valuable tips. Familiarize yourself with them to create a more effective strategy and fully enjoy the excitement of the game.

  • Avoid Progressive Strategies

    Progressive strategies like Martingale or D'Alembert involve adjusting the bet size based on the previous outcome. While they might seem appealing under normal circumstances, they can be risky in a game with two balls. Rapidly increasing bets after losing rounds can lead to significant bankroll losses. In Double Ball Roulette, it's better to avoid progressive strategies and use more stable betting methods to minimize risk and manage your bankroll wisely.

  • This Time, Outside Bets Are Better

    In Double Ball Roulette, Outside Bets take on a unique appeal due to the dual-ball mechanics. Among the advantageous outside bets are dozens, columns, black/red, low/high, and odd/even. These bets provide more generous payouts compared to standard outside roulette bet options. It's particularly crucial to concentrate on bets that offer the chance to win the jackpot with a staggering x1300 multiplier when both balls land in the same pocket.

  • The Jackpot Is Tempting, but Don't Rely Solely on It

    In Double Ball Roulette, there's a chance to win a jackpot with an x1300 multiplier, which can be alluring. However, it's not wise to rely solely on this possibility, as the odds of winning the jackpot remain low. It's more sensible to build your strategy around bets with good payouts and manage your bankroll wisely. Regular bets on numbers, split bets, and corner bets provide good winning chances and can offer consistent payouts throughout your gaming session.


What features make Double Ball Roulette unique?

In Double Ball Roulette, the game is played with two balls, which gives this version of roulette a unique and exciting gameplay element. Additionally, the game utilizes an automatic mechanism with the dealer's manual placement of balls, adding dynamism to the game.

What are the payouts for bets in Double Ball Roulette?

Payouts for bets in Double Ball Roulette are slightly altered due to the presence of two balls. For instance, inside bets offer the following payouts: straight bet – 17:1, split bet – 8:1, street bet – 5:1, corner bet – 3.5:1, line bet – 2:1. Outside bets have payouts such as dozen/column bets – 8:1, and even/odd, red/black, low/high bets – 3:1.

What are the chances of winning the jackpot in Double Ball Roulette?

The chances of winning the jackpot with an x1300 multiplier in Double Ball Roulette depend on luck and randomness, as both balls must land in the same pocket. The likelihood of this outcome remains low, but if you win the jackpot, you can secure a substantial prize. Let’s explain this. When we want to find the probability of two independent events happening together, we multiply their individual probabilities. So, in this case, we multiply 1/37 by 1/37, which equals 1/1,369. This means that there is a 1 in 1,369 chance of both events happening at the same time.

Can strategies be used in playing Double Ball Roulette?

Yes, strategies can be used in Double Ball Roulette. However, exercise caution with progressive strategies that can increase the risk of losses. It's wiser to bet strategically, opting for stable bets with good payouts and practicing responsible bankroll management.

What features are available for player convenience in Double Ball Roulette?

The Double Ball Roulette game offers several convenient features, such as statistics, which allow you to view the results of previous wheel spins. Additionally, there's an Autoplay feature that lets you automatically place bets for a set number of rounds. Players can also save their favorite bets for quick placement in future rounds.

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