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Live Dealer Roulette Strategies

Last updated: 07.17.2023 by Andrew Shepard

In the live version of roulette, you can still use strategies to increase your chances of winning and/or manage your bankroll efficiently. However, the difference between live roulette strategies and others is that they also focus on time management. Because in these games you have limited time to place a bet, and if you are placing a complex bet that requires you to cover many numbers, this can be a problem. Therefore, live roulette systems also allow you to create patterns for saved bets and guide you to make the right decisions in the shortest possible time. Below, you can see some of the strategies you can use for these purposes and more.

Shotwell strategy

This strategy was developed in 1978 for American roulette in land-based casinos. However, its basic principles can be used in online versions of roulette too. The goal is to cover the outcomes evenly by placing a series of bets on numbers that are the same distance from each other on the wheel. You can pick any numbers you want (as long as you pay attention to the distance rule), but in any case, you should always place a six-line bet and four independent straight bets together. For example:

Place a six-line bet on 10 – 15. Place a straight bet on the following numbers: 16, 17, 18, and 28.

Shotwell strategy

This way, you can cover 10 of 38 possible outcomes. This gives you a 26.30% chance of winning on each spin. If you win the six-line bet, your net profit will be 21 units. Winning one of the straight bets allows you to get a net profit of 27 units.

5 x 5 roulette strategy

You should start this strategy by setting a baseline. For example, if you have a bankroll of 100 units, the baseline might be 2 units.

  • Place 5 bets (each worth 2 units) on the line where the following numbers meet: 1-4, 7-10, 13-16, 19-22, 25-28. These are called “double street bets” and they give you an 80% chance of winning on each spin.
  • If you win, your net profit will be 2 units.
  • If you lose, you need to increase the double street bets by 5 times. So, increase the value of each to 10 units. This will help restore what was lost.
  • Keep doing this until you win - right after that, return to the baseline and start the cycle again.

$750 strategy

The wager amounts in this strategy are higher than usual and it requires placing a large number of bets.

  • Start by placing 5 double street bets as explained above. The value of each should be 100 units (500 units in total).
  • Place a bet worth 100 units for the first column.
  • Place 6 corner bets worth 25 units each (125 units in total)
  • Place another bet on 0 for 25 units.
$750 strategy

In total, you have made an investment of 750 units, and you are covering 34 of 38 outcomes. Winning the column bet will leave a net profit of 125 units. This value will be 50 units for corner bets and 125 units for the 0 bet. In other words, you can make a profit as long as one of the 34 outcomes you cover wins. You only lose money if the outcome is one of the remaining 4 outcomes.


Any of these strategies may be the right choice for you: try them all and decide for yourself. 5x5 and 750 may be the better option for players with large bankrolls. Low-roller players, on the other hand, can increase their chances of winning without sudden/radical changes in their bankrolls with Shotwell. In any case, do not forget to take advantage of the “save bet” feature of live roulette games. This feature allows you to save a specific bet and repeat it with the click of a button, meaning you can place complex bets even within a limited time.

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